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GROSS gameplay feedback
Thanks dudes and dudettes!
Thank you for helping GROSS by providing feedback!
Every question is completely optional, so skip as much or as little as you want.
Feel free to answer in ENGLISH or GERMAN, anything else and we'll have trouble to figure out what the hell you're trying to tell us.

If English is not your first language, and you're not going to complete this feedback form because you're not comfortable enough with the language, please let us know here. Just tell us everything you want in this text field and skip all the rest.

Wenn Englisch nicht deine Muttersprache ist, und du dich gerade entschieden hast das Feedbackformular nicht auszufüllen, weil es dir zu anstrengend ist, lass es uns bitte wissen. Einfach hier reinschreiben was du sagen möchtest, den Rest überspringen (next/finish), und gut ist. Danke!

Is it ok if we contact you by email if we have questions about your answers? (What did you mean by "XY"? Would it help your issue if we changed it in this way?)

Would you like to become a beta tester? A handful of beta testers will receive the game early and will be listed in the games credits, but they are expected to regularly provide detailed feedback.

Would you like to subscribe to a newsletter about GROSS?

If you answered any of the questions above with yes, please leave your email address here. It will only be used for the purposes you selected above.


How do you play the game?

If you play with a controller, how does it feel? Are the customizations (key mappings and look speed) enough? Are the input keys shown correctly? Is aiming working for you? What could be better?

Currently you can map 3 keys per action and type (3 keys for mouse/keyboard plus 3 buttons/axis for controller). Is that enough?

Is the navigation in the settings and the upgrade menu alright? Moving up/down, cancelling/going back, confirming, etc.

Is there anything regarding input and menu navigation that you love or hate particularly, or anything else you want to say about that topic?

Hate the player, not the game. Actually, don't hate the player, love the player! Who's a good player? You're a good player! *pats player on head*

How do you like the "menu level" - HOME?

Did you find your way around after starting the game?

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about the menu level HOME? Anything you would like to see added? Anything you would like to see removed (like the bloody cockerel)? Have you trouble finding the cat?

How's the performance on your system? If you're up for it, please share your system specs and the FPS you get in the game. You can activate the FPS display in the "Video" settings, it will be shown in the bottom right corner of your screen.

How is the difficulty in general?

What features are you missing and would like to see? (If you say "multiplayer", there's a separate section for that coming up)

Currently, multiplayer is not in scope for this game. But never say never.

Generally, how important is multiplayer to you?

Would the lack of multiplayer keep you from buying GROSS?

What do you think about a "multiplayer light" mode. A versus mode, where the two players don't see each other, but can perform certain actions that sabotage the other player. Basically like in a Tetris match, where deleting lines sends lines to the other player.

Gameplay: Guns & Equipment
Pew pew pew.

Are you happy with the way the guns feel? Does shooting them feel and sound nice?

What in particular is making them feel good or bad? What do you love or hate?

Are you happy with the variety of guns? Do they feel different enough? Does each gun serve a purpose and have advantages and disadvantages, or are they all the same?

Is there anything in particular about the variety? Any particular guns that you seem to always or never use? Any guns that are boring, ugly, or over-/underpowered?

How happy are you with the equipment options (cash grenade, stim, turret controller, ...)

What do you love or hate about the equipment? Which equipment do you feel is completely pointless? Which ones are over- or underpowered? Which ones do you always or never use? Are any of them too cheap or two expensive?

Gameplay: Turrets
The "T" in "Tower Defense" stands for "Turrets"

On the whole, how happy are you with the turrets?

How do you like the upgrade system?

Is there anything else you want to say about the state of the turrets? Anything you like or dislike? Is there enough variety?

Gameplay: Cash
The root of all evil.

How much do you like the cash mechanics (picking up, depositing, using it for equipment and turrets, getting stolen by drones and zombies, damaged by explosives)?

Do you like the drones? Do they add to the game?

Cash pickups get damaged by any kind of explosion. This is a gameplay decision to make sure that explosions (which are really powerful) aren't overused and have a serious drawback. Does that work for you? Or is it frustrating?

Is there anything else in regards to the cash mechanics that you'd like to tell us?

Difficulty & Endless Mode
If it was easy, everyone would do it.

When you start a new game with the default settings (normal difficulty, everything set to default): Do you like the level of challenge?

Endless Mode can be tweaked with many parameters. Are you happy with the way they change the gameplay?

Braaaaaaaaains. Braaaaaaaains. Fresh braaaaaaains. Only 9.95 for one or 17.50 for two, and that's cutting me own throat.

How happy are you overall with the zombies?

Does it feel satisfying to shoot and kill zombies?

Are they dangerous enough?

How do you like the variety of the zombies?

Is there anything else you like/dislike about the zombies? Anything you would like to change?

You're expecting a witty text here by now, aren't you? HA!

How do you like the sountrack (music) of the game?

How do you like the sound effects in the game?

Is there anything in particular you would change about the music or the sound effects?

User Interface
Can you face any more questions at this stage? Yes? Interesting. Even my puns are getting tired now.

How do you rate the in game user interface (feedback about your health, amount of cash you carry, status of your guns, ...)

How do you rate the main menu / settings menu (game/video/audio/input key bindings)?

How do you rate other UI elements? Like the "upgrade turret" window, or the way backpacks or the map works?

Is there anything else you want to say about the games UI?

Scoring ain't boring. Or... is it?

Does it make sense which actions lead to which highscore multipliers? For example, that explosive kills lead to "puzzle" scores?

Is there anything that rewards a lot more or less points than you think it deserves?

Is there anything else you want to say about the state of scoring?

The demo is only a small part of the game. It only contains a few levels, no story mode, and not everything is unlocked.

If you haven't played the demo, but the actual game, please just skip this section.

Is there enough to do in the demo?

Do you think the demo has given you a good idea of what the game is like? Did it help you decide whether you will get the game or not?

Is there anything you would like to add to the demo or that you would like to change?

Marketing zzzzzzZZZzzzzZZZ, really? Has to be done. Hey at least you just have to tick a few boxes here, I have to do actual marketing!

Where did you find out about GROSS?

Given what you know about the game, and assuming it comes with 10+ levels but no multiplayer, what do you think would be a fair price for the game? (Don't forget to write which currency)

Thank you very much for helping us by giving us feedback about the game. You can click on "finish" now to submit all your answers. Don't worry about clicking yes or no to that last question below. Actually, it's not even a question. It's just there because the survey plugin that we're using is only happy when there is at least one question on each page. So I suppose that actually makes it a question, if only in a technical sense. You be the judge of that. Or just ignore it and go straight to "finish". Are you still reading this? Why? You're not waiting for some kind of after credit joke, are you? That would be a bit silly, we're not using cheap tricks like that to keep you entertained. Look, you've really spent enough of your precious time already, filling out this survey. We're very grateful for that, but don't waste any more time now. Surely your time is more valuable than that. Maybe go out for a walk? Go and hug a loved one. Or punch a hated one, that's just as good for your inner peace. You could even get a new hobby. Like crocheting or cross stitching? Arts and crafts are back in fashion, I hear. Or if you can't be bothered, just listen to your favourite band. Oh, even better: go to the music platform of your choice and browse music until you find a new band that you've never heard of and that quickly becomes one of your favorites, that's always fun. Or get a dog. From a pound. Get one that's a little bit broken and that noone else wants, because they're the most in need of adoption and aren't we all a little broken ourself in one way or another? Play with it, walk it, feed it, love it. Give it a really cool name after one of your favourite movie characters like "Bishop", and then never actually use that name and instead call it "Shoppywoppy" or "Pupper" or "Pupperoony" or "Bishyboshy" or "YOU" or "NO". Big commitment though, a dog. All the dirt and hair and noise, and they need lots of entertainment. Maybe a tamagotchi? No wait, way wrong decade for that. Have you tried meditation? If you're still reading, meditating probably wouldn't hurt. You clearly need to sort your thoughts, mate, they're a mess. Look at the bullshit that entertains you. I'm just rambling. I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm not a writer or anything like that. I'm not even getting paid for this. Thinking about it, I'm not getting paid at the moment anyway. Oh, that reminds me, have you wishlisted GROSS yet? That's not going to keep you busy for long, but hey it's something, and it'll give you a sense of achievment. "Wishlisted GROSS, check!". Nice. God, you're still reading, what is wrong with you? Or maybe the joke's on me, and noone is reading anymore by this stage. Maybe noone even filled out this survey. Wow, that would suck. I should probably wrap this up, I need to poop anyway. Hey I know how I'll get you to stop reading! You're a gamer, right? Go, play a game. If GROSS isn't out yet, why don't you try out Supraland? Is it like GROSS? No, but it's awesome! Or just play any of the eighthundredtwentyfour unplayed games in your Steam library. You could even try to create your own game. It's easy, even a rambling monkey like me can do it.

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