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GROSS – Change log


Bug fixes

ATMs that were glooped didn’t pick up existing cash once the gloop was gone.

Small bug/performance fixes.


Features & changes

Highscores now display the wave that players reached (this only works for highscores recorded with this and future versions of the game).

There is now extra score awarded at the end of each combat phase, based on how much health your base has left:

  • The score you receive is 10 * [Current Wave Number] * [Base Health in %]. A few examples:
    • If your base has 87% health left at the end of the 5th wave, you get 4’350 extra score.
    • Over 10 waves, you can gain a maximum of 55k extra score.
    • Over 20 waves, you can gain a maximum of 210k extra score.
    • Over 30 waves, you can gain a maximum of 465k extra score.
  • The score is awarded right when the last zombie dies and the 10 second grace period starts.
  • The score is added directly to your total score and is not subject to a multiplier.

New health bars (better looking, not as cluttery, smaller performance impact).

Bug fixes

When changing languages, the “Exit game” button did not change its caption (until the settings menu was closed).

The collider on the maniac (punk) zombies bomb was bigger than intended when hitting it from certain angles.

When you shot at the foundation underneath an ATM with the cash attachment enabled, it didn’t register as a hit against the ATM and didn’t result in depositing cash. This is semi-intended, the foundation isn’t actually part of the ATM. But it’s not very intuitive, so now shooting the foundation results in deposits as well.

Cash bullets now are no longer stopped when hitting a hologram decoy.

Fixed overkill damage. The damage reported (both visually by the damage numbers and internally for scoring) is now capped to the actual health the enemy has left.

Fixed issues with floor textures/models in LAB.

Vanguards, when slowed down significantly, were no longer animated (technically they were animated, but the speed was so low that they looked static).

When switching from combat phase to construction phase while zoomed in on the MPV or the HURT-H, the FOV did not revert back.

A few (smaller) performance tweaks.

It was not possible to cancel the credits or speed up the text in story mode by controller.


The exploding zombies with grenades in their mouth are now easier to blow up (the grenade is easier to hit).


Features & changes

Spanish language option added (a big thank you to Julio Duran!).

Bug fixes

Mannequins in HOME were not targeted by smart rounds.

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused zombies to spawn for 1 frame with a red outline.

Fixed a bug that made it possible that hologram decoys sometimes activated in mid air.

Fixed a bug that prevented the shotgun from aiming down sights after it was reloaded.

Modifiers (player speed, base health, etc.) are no longer displayed in the end game screen after a game in story mode (where modifiers don’t apply).

The turret controllers laser now looks more like a laser instead of a plastic stick.


SMART rounds are now more consistent and are no longer based on the type of bullets that were loaded before loading them. For example, it was possible to load SMART rounds based on Wadcutter rounds (no headshot multiplier, bad) or from Reaper rounds (massive headshot multiplier, too good). Now, SMART rounds have their own damage value, always have a 2x headshot modifier, and offer no penetration or stopping power.

The optic on the MPV and the HURT-V is now magnified, recoil is reduced significantly while aiming down sights.

The SMI’s recoil has been reduced significantly.

Reduced the score/multiplier for throwing and blowing up hologram decoys.



SHOTGUN, OH DEER, DEAD END, CONFLICT, BULWARK: Reduced polygon count by about 25% (millions of triangles sacrificed their live for better performance), mostly by reducing vegetation.

Other levels: Reduced polygon count slightly.

Optimized path finding to take load off the CPU.

Many other small tweaks to optimize performance.

Frame rate increase (depending on level, situation and hardware) between 10 and 50%.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused cash pickups to fall through the floor.

Fixed an issue that sometimes kept global high scores from being submitted.

When a Joggernaut got stunned just before or during throwing up, the vomit particles were stopped but the gloop/damage effect was still applied.

Zombies that are carrying explosives did still explode when they got close to the player, even when stunned.

Turrets were able to contribute to the score streak in certain situations (like the nailgun when hitting more than one enemy with a single projectile).

Cash pickups now collide with the invisible walls that keep the player from leaving the level bounds. This is especially important in SHIPMEND, where there are invisible walls around the big ships and the cash pickups were able to fall down into the bays where players couldn’t recover them.

Fixed various issues with the way SMART rounds handled money. It was possible to unintentionally both gain and lose money.

It was a bit hard to select certain levels on the map (mostly LAB and SHOTGUN), this works better now.

Sticky grenades that were stuck on a zombie were attached to the “base” of the zombie instead of the individual body part that they stuck to. They now attach to (and move with) the actual body part (just like the incendiary burns).

The text to tell players they weren’t allowed to construct something was too wide and got wrapped.

A teleporter that landed on an angled/slanted surface did not stay there (like the road in SUMMIT).

Fixed an issue where ADS (aiming down sights) sometimes lagged a bit when both walking and shooting before pressing the aim key/button.

When reloading an endless game, some parameters (like jump height) weren’t properly applied.

Improved Anti Aliasing. White outline/edges as well as “nervous vibrating/flickering” are reduced.

Scopes did not render hologram decoys.

It was possible for zombies to squeeze through the narrow gap between the construction grid and the workshop/office in SHIPMEND.

The SG90 now more accurately hits where you aim.

Enlarged the front post of the CyKa’s iron sights and corrected the sight picture: The gun now hits exactly above the front post.

Some throwables (e.g. cash grenade, teleporter) spawned in the place the previous throwable of the same place expired.

Sticky grenades sometimes bounced off instead of attaching if the target was very close to the player.

When starting the next (as of yet not completed) story level from HOME and setting the difficulty, it was ignored and overridden by the last difficulty you used with the switch in the RV.

Features & other changes

Changed the way depositing cash works with the cash attachment:

  • Old: Holding the button/key transferred cash from your pocket to a bullet. Shooting this bullet at an ATM transferred that cash from the bullet to your bank account. If you missed the ATM, a cash pickup spawned at the point of impact. No matter how far the ATM was upgraded, 100% of the money was deposited into the bank account.
  • New: If the attachment is active, and a bullet hits an ATM, cash in your pocket is transferred to your bank account. The amount of cash transferred by each bullet is identical to the damage of that bullet. For example, a Vampyre’s high explosive round deposits $212.50, an Arrow’s hollow point bullet deposits $45. There is no need to long press the button/key, and there is no chance of losing cash by missing the ATM. As the new maximum for an ATMs conversion rate is 110%, money deposited this way always converts at 110%.

Changed the way depositing cash works with the cash grenade:

  • Old: Double pressing the button/key threw a cash deposit grenade that carried some of the cash from your pocket. If it landed near (inside 5m range) of an ATM, the cash got deposited in your bank account. If you missed the ATM, a cash pickup spawned.
  • New: When a regular cash pickup grenade (thrown by a single press) lands near an ATM, it deposits 75% of the cash in your pocket in the ATM. There is no chance of losing money anymore and 110% of the cash deposited this way ends up in your bank account.

There is now an ATM in HOME to let you practice depositing cash via attachment or grenade.

When reloading, your bullet count now updates once the new magazine is inserted (before: once the reload animation was completely finished). If you abort the reload animation with any action (melee, throw, weapons swap) after that point, the gun is treated as fully reloaded.

When you achieve a new high score, the end game screen makes it easier to change the text for the local high score list as well as selecting your flag.

Tracers are now a bit prettier.

When playing an endless mode game, the “Exit Game” button now says “Save & Exit” to indicate that exiting an endless mode game saves it. There is also a new loading screen tip explaining this.


Cash attachments now overheat half as fast (you can get around 20 shots in before they overheat).

Reduced the time that Vanguard zombies (that’s the dudes with the shields) chase the player after being attacked from 10 seconds to 7.5 seconds. This should not make them less dangerous, but a bit less kiteable.

Cash grenade cooldown reduced from 5s to 2s.

Reduced the amount of force with which cash pickups are thrown in the air after killing a zombie. This reduces the spread and makes it a bit easier to pick them all up.


Bug & performance fixes

After a melee attack, the player was stuck in an unintended idle state for a certain time (up to several hundred milliseconds, depending on what gun was equipped).

A few fixes to Italian language texts.

Many small performance optimizations.

While in the settings menu, manually skipping to the next song or switching streamer mode on/off (which also switches to another song) did not fade out the old song until the settings window was closed.

SUMMIT: Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t build anything on a particular grid node.

BULWARK: Fixed two holes in the level geometry.


Cash drops in story mode are increased by 25%. Story mode is supposed to introduce players to the game and was too hard / did not drop enough money. I hope this is more enjoyable now, otherwise please let me know.

Changed the cash amounts in story and endless mode based on difficulty:

  • Easy: Increased cash drops a lot
  • Normal: Increased cash drops a little
  • Hard: Decreased cash drops a little
  • Ultra: Decreased cash drops a little more

Changed the ATM’s base conversion rate and its upgrades:

  • Old: 70% base, 2×15% upgrades for a maximum of 100% conversion rate.
  • New: 80% base, 3×10% upgrades for a maximum of 110% conversion rate.

This means that you can get 10% extra cash if you let an ATM pick up money for you. It also means you can get an extra 10% by dropping your pocket change off at an ATM. But be careful, any cash that you drop at the ATM, that is not picked up by it by the time the combat is over, will evaporate.

Features & other changes

A new main menu with the following options:

  • Start/continue the story, and experience all levels in story mode one after the other.
  • Enter HOME, where you can replay the levels you have already completed in story and endless mode, with all the gear you have unlocked in story mode.
  • Enter HOME with everything unlocked and all levels available. If you have played the demo, are familiar with the games concepts and don’t care about the story, this option is for you.
  • Play the TUTORIAL. This tutorial was only included in the demo version of the game before, but has now been added to the full game, so that players who want to skip the story can learn all the basic game mechanics in a quick way.

You can go back into the main menu at any stage from the “Escape” menu. The main menu is only available in the full version of the game. The demo sends you straight into HOME.

Added duffel bags full of cash to the range in HOME, which spawn cash pickups when shot. You can use this to get a feel of the pickup range of cash bullets and grenades, and also to get money to try out other equipment like sticky grenades or hologram decoys.

When you reload while having a few Smart Rounds left, the money for these remaining rounds is now returned to you.

Increased the rate at which the story text reveals if you press any key.

It is now possible to rapidly build the same object (e.g. barricades or mines) by keeping the mouse button pressed.

In endless mode, the maximum wave number is no longer shown as “99”, but as “–“. The value of “99” has misled some players into believing that it’s possible to reach wave 99, and that wave 99 is the final wave in endless mode.


Bug & performance fixes

Performance improvements with impacts (blood, concrete, wood, dirt etc). Limited the amount of simultaneous blood impacts (the blood splatter particles when you or a turret shoot a zombie). If you’re going bananas with machineguns and nailguns there are LOTS of impacts everywhere.

Performance improvements to ragdolls (makes a big difference in later waves).

When dying from green gloop while transitioning from combat to construction phase, the green overlay remained and did not disappear (obviously only if you had a respawn point, otherwise it’s good night anyway).

When reloading an endless mode game, the respawn point(s) did not work.

Some more spelling fixes, provided by kind people who can spell gooder than I.

Reduced the thickness in the black outline of the story intro texts, as the thick outline did not look ok on some of the Chinese characters.

Increased the number of concurrent audio effects of the same type for most explosions and turrets firing. This addresses the issue that sometimes you can hear explosions or shots abruptly getting cut off.

BULWARK: Subject K now despawns properly in endless mode.

CONFLICT: Fixed issues with Zombies falling through the bridge/planks between the RV and the middle bunker and getting stuck “outside” the level.

CONFLICT: Fixed some holes in the level geometry as well as an issue keeping players from building barricades and turrets too close to the RV.

SUMMIT: Fixed issues that kept players from building barricades and turrets too close to the RV.

SHIPMEND: Fixed an issue that severely degraded performance on this map.

Features & other changes

Italian language option added (a huge thank you to Ivan Campana from The Games Brew).

Paying for equipment (like throwing a sticky grenade, using the teleporter, using a stim) now uses the money in your bank, if your pockets are empty. The same is true for switching your loadout at a wardrobe.

The tremor boots double jump can now be used during construction, and doesn’t cost any money that way.

SUMMIT now has 8 waves in story mode (down from 10).

Whenever cash drops (e.g. when killing a zombie), there are now always 3 pickups of equal value. Before, it was random, e.g. killing zombies spawned 4-5 stacks, and the cash was divided (somewhat) randomly as well. This makes it a bit easier to pick them up, and is also less taxing on the CPU (physics) and the GPU (rendering).

Ghost zombies (the green glowing ones) are now more visible before being uncloaked. They were a bit too hard to spot, especially for players with low vision.

On the minimap, empty grid squares no longer show up a solid green on top of everything else. This makes the map a lot more readable (and slightly improves rendering performance).

The “foundation” that is placed under the turrets and barricades on grid squares on uneven terrain is no longer shown on empty grid squares. Looks a bit nicer and slightly improves performance.

Machinegun and sniper turrets don’t eject casings anymore. You would have to be really close and invested into looking for them in order to see/hear them anyway. This will ever so slightly improve performance.

Nailgun projectiles now get destroyed after travelling 50m (less visual clutter, more performance).

Claymore now shoots 40 fragments dealing 75 damage each (before: 100 fragments dealing 30 damage each).

Claymore fragments now get destroyed after travelling 35m (this is purely a visual change, they become harmless after about 25m anyway).


Bug fixes

It’s no longer possible to activate the car in the intro level twice (which leads to the second level not loading properly, which in turn means no zombies spawning).

The achievement for completing CONFLICT in story mode is now correctly granted. If you have already beaten this level, the achievement will be granted automatically the next time you start the game.

The white Jeep in SHOTGUN had no collider, which allowed you to walk/shoot straight through it (thank you wessubba you weirdo).

When adding your name to the local high score list, it’s no longer necessary to type at least 3 letters.

When restarting a level in story mode, after being placed in the RV, the player didn’t have a weapon selected.

When the game wants you to equip a particular weapon or piece of equipment, it now checks whether it’s already equipped and completes that step if that’s the case.

The cricket sounds in the tutorial level have been replaced by ones that are not as high pitched.

Fixed a few typos in various texts.

Global highscores now display more letters.

Placing a decoy barrel in between two tesla turrets interrupted the connection between the two tesla turrets (only in the preview, before it was bought).


The tutorial in home guides the player a little bit better now.

When looking at a turret, the right panel now doesn’t show the “buy” icon for the upgrades anymore unless the player actually chooses to enter the upgrade dialogue.


Bug fixes

  • There were instances where zombies could get stuck in places where they couldn’t be seen or shot by the player. This was keeping players from killing the last zombie(s) and progressing to the next wave.


Bug fixes

  • It was possible to build a turret or barricade in an invalid spot by very quickly moving over from a valid spot and pressing the construct button. Exploiting this made it possible to keep enemies from reaching the base, therefore removing any challenge from the game.
  • Sometimes zombies from the credits found their way back to HOME. Zombies from the credits are now disposed of in a humane and eco friendly way.



  • The camera FOV (which affects the world, but not the gun) can now be adjusted between 60° and 120° horizontally. Default is 85° (which was the fixed FOV up to now).

Bug fixes

  • When you shoot incapacitated turrets with the deglooper, sometimes the bubbles remained. While this indicates a level of cleanliness that is desirable, it can give the impression that there’s still some kind of effect when in reality it was just a programmer not testing it properly. This is now fixed and the person responsible has been whipped thoroughly.


  • When Big Gloops [TM] explode, the radius in which that affects turrets is slightly reduced. The number of blobs that are thrown up in the air is greatly reduced.


Bug fixes

  • Slightly moved the player spawn points in a few levels to make sure you don’t spawn in the middle of a barricade or turret when reloading an endless mode savegame.
  • The difficulty you set inside the RV during story mode is now always applied correctly.
  • The Cy Ka 47’s bullets were hitting a little bit lower than the spot where the iron sights aim at. This is now fixed.


Bug fixes

  • Performance optimizations that should greatly reduce the performance hits in later game stages with lots of turrets and enemies.
  • Nailgun turrets no longer attack Ghosts while they’re cloaked.


  • Reduced the extra health that enemies receive in endless mode past wave 20 significantly
  • Capped the tremor boots ability to double jump to about 25m above base.
  • Buffed the Fat Bertha (cannon) to account better for all the encouragement she needs:
    • Base damage increased from 100 to 200
    • Damage upgrades increased from +25 to +50
    • Cannonball diameter (area of effect) increased from 1.6m to 2.0m
  • Buffed the Flamethrowers damage.
  • The more different upgrades you have on a turret, the more expensive they become. This no longer affects the “targeting” upgrade, which always costs base cost.
  • Increased Cryo rounds freezing duration on both the 1911 and the Arrow slightly.
  • Increased Vermin ammos damage to account for the fact that you can’t hit the broad side of a barn outside of point blank range.
  • Small visual improvements.


Bug fixes

  • Threat level (the number of stars that fill up when you shoot down drones) no longer decays during construction phases.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to get stuck after the first wave, if you have no gun equipped in the first weapon slot.
  • Gloop that is affecting turrets did not lose its “deglooper stacks” when being reused.
  • Level specific loading screens weren’t shown anymore.
  • Many more smaller bug fixes.


  • Slightly increased the Flamethrower turrets damage.
  • Stun grenade now has a cooldown.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed controller support.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to use equipment while using the settings menu in the barn in HOME.
  • Fixed a bug that left the load/save loadout UI open even after not looking at a saved loadout anymore.


  • Removed option to “enter settings menu at start” from the game. This is a relic from the ye olden days and no one wants to do this.
  • Enlarged and slightly rearranged icons in save/load loadout UI.
  • Gloop is now slightly more forgiving on the player: Visual impairment reduced, movement penalty and damage per second reduced.
  • Mouse input now possible in language selection at the start of the game.


Bug fixes

  • Performance optimizations.
  • Fan and ATM turrets were not always affected by green gloop anymore.
  • The first one or two sticky grenades thrown in each level did not spawn properly.
  • The players bullets sometimes did not hit zombies that were very close in front of them.


  • New gun attachment: The Deglooper.
    • Like the cash pickup attachment, the Deglooper can be toggled on and off.
    • When switched on, bullets are covered in a soapy gel that rapidly dissolves green gloop that’s disabling your turrets.
    • Every time you hit green gloop with such a bullet, the decay rate of the green gloop is doubled. This effect stacks infinite times. Usually, gloop decays over 30 seconds (or you can shoot it to take seconds off). If you hit it 4x with the Deglooper, it decays 16x as fast.
    • The Deglooper can only be attached to pistols.
    • Pro Tip: The Deglooper is extra effective with the Brrrt-A’s three round burst, or at closest range with the S30’s Vermin ammunition.
  • There is now a small tutorial introducing you to the various areas in HOME. If you’ve played the demo a few times already you’ll still have to suffer through it once, but it should only take a minute.
  • New game credits.
  • Saved loadouts now use new colored icons for guns (like equipment icons). Differences to your current loadout are now highlighted with an orange outline.
  • Reduced size of reticles for all optics.
  • Reduced damage and freeze duration for cryo rounds on the Arrow.
  • Massively reduced usage cost for all equipment except Turret Controller and Smart Rounds attachments.
  • Cash pickup and deposit grenades have a slightly bigger pickup radius now.
  • When starting the game, if you have never explicitly set a language for the game, a language selection appears.
  • Many smaller changes to balancing.


Bug fixes

  • Chinese characters were not displayed correctly in the highscore list.
  • Colors in scope sights have been improved.
  • Fixed a few level boundaries in SUMMIT (available in extended Demo only).


  • New equipment icons.
  • Achievements have been added to the demo.
  • Texts in constructible object selection are no longer rotated 90°, as my contract with the chiropractors guild has run out and there is no longer any incentive for me to hurt your neck.


Bug fixes

  • Shooting at hologram decoys did no longer cause them to glitch. This is now fixed and shooting at hologram decoys is now sufficiently satisfying again. (This includes the one in HOME, so have fun with that).
  • Melee attacks no longer affect more than 1 zombie.


  • New game icon.
  • There is now a dog in HOME, doing dog things like sleeping, sniffing and pooping. You can even pick up and throw balls. Why is it there? How did it get there? Does this mean anything? If you want to know the answers to these questions, you only need to to wait until January and experience the story of GROSS.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attackers would be stuck in a loop trying to attack the player, if the player was behind barricades/turrets.
  • Explosive damage did too much damage to cash pickups. This caused cash pickups that were at full health to be immediately destroyed after being hit by a single RPG or GLA round (which was not intended).
  • Zombies sounds (grunts etc.) originated from a position at their feet. Now they originate from their heads. This was not a huge issue because zombies are not very articulate in the first place and also no one but me noticed this.


  • In late stages of the game, Zombies can sometimes turn up wearing helmets. Helmets provide protection against ammunition types that don’t offer penetration (like Hollow Point, Reaper, Vermin) and against bullets from turrets (Sniper, MG, Nailgun).
  • Gloop that’s affecting turrets now decays differently.
    • Old: Gloop has a health pool and a timer. If you remove all its health OR the timer expires, the gloop gets removed. This means that if you damage gloop 90%, it still runs its entire duration and you essentially wasted your time shooting it. You either destroy all its health, or it lives for the entire duration.
    • New: Gloop now only has a health pool, but loses a certain amount of health every second. This means that the more you damage a gloop, the more you shorten its lifetime, even if you don’t destroy it all the way.
  • Just like turrets report their damage done in the last wave and in total, ATMs now report their income in the last wave and in total.
  • Inspecting a gun can now be cancelled by firing, aiming, reloading, melee attacking or throwing something.
  • Migrated from Unity 2020.3 to Unity 2021.3. This shouldn’t change anything for you, unless Unity screwed something up and I didn’t catch it.
  • Implemented the new Chinese and international logos into the game.


Bug fixes

  • Potential bug fixed that could lead to the game being saved AFTER it finished which then lead to that state being loaded when restarting the level.
  • Machine Guns don’t produce any smoke or light (flash) anymore, just a simple muzzle fire.


Bug fixes

  • Restart level accidentally loaded the last save, which basically turned the function into “restart wave” instead.
  • Restarting a level from the end game screen (via “I can do better!”) sometimes didn’t stop all sound effects.
  • Fixed stuttery audio when too much is happening


Bug/performance fixes

  • Fixed several potential locations where zombies could get stuck in EXIBIT.
  • Implemented a catch all fix for stuck zombies: When a zombie gets in a position from where it can’t reach the target anymore, it is teleported to the closest other zombie. If it is the last zombie alive, it gets killed unceremoniously.
  • Fixed a bug where zombies didn’t take any damage at all for a while.
  • Firefighter Zombies hatchets did not collide with player anymore.
  • Firefighter Zombies now miss a lot less with their hatchets.
  • Hatchets from Firefighter Zombies now properly attach to the players face instead of “floating” (which isn’t really the main issue when having a hatchet buried in your face, but some people are particular about this sort of thing).
  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur while pausing the game.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to save or load loadouts.
  • Looking through sniper scopes rendered spheres at the feet of zombies which are not supposed to be seen. (What are they for? Why are they there? You will never know!)
  • Slightly reduced performance impact of ragdolls.
  • Many more small bug fixes.
  • Many more bugs added to give me something to do in the coming weeks. The bugs are well hidden, even I don’t know where they are yet.


  • All weapons had their damage re-evaluated. Notable changes:
    • Most weapons have received a damage buff to make them more inline with the more powerful guns.
    • Reduced the Vampyrs recoil to make it a more viable alternative to the LDHP.50.
    • Increased damage of launchers.
    • Increased FMJ damage.
    • Slightly reduced shotgun damage.
    • Increased handgun damage. Having said that, handguns at the moment mostly serve the purpose of having a dedicated “cash pickup” gun. We might give handgun additional benefits in the future.
  • All turrets had their damage re-evaluated. Notable changes:
    • Nailgun is more powerful (Yay!).
    • Tesla, Missile, Cannon and Flamethrower are a lot less powerful (Boo!).
    • Other turrets are tweaked a little bit.
  • Almost all traps are substantially cheaper.
  • Reduced usage cost of the following equipment abilities:
    • Decoy hologram grenade
    • Sticky grenade
    • Stun grenade
    • Teleporter (teleport)
    • Stim (heal)
    • Tremor boots (double jump)
  • Tremor boots now stun enemies in range for 5 seconds (before: knocked them back for 1.5 seconds).
  • In later phases, some zombies are stronger. You can tell by the color of their eyes:
    • Red: They deal more damage.
    • Blue: They are resistant against electricity. Tesla turrets and holo explosions deal less damage. Teslas don’t slow them. Stuns are less effective.
    • Yellow: They are resistant against fire and explosions and therefore take less damage from Flamethrowers, incendiary bullets and explosions in general.
  • Martyr and Maniac zombies (the two types that blow up) have had their aggro range increased.


  • There is now an automatic save/load system:
    • Your progress while in a game is now automatically saved at the beginning of each construction and combat phase.
    • If you exit the game while you’re in a level, or the game crashes, this state is loaded automatically next time you start the game.
    • When you exit a level by “going home”, the progress is not saved.
    • If you load a game this way, global high scores are no longer submitted.
  • All turrets that deal damage now record their damage dealt. You can see exactly how much damage the dealt in the last wave as well as in total.
  • Very slow moving zombies (Old Folks, Martyrs and Roadworkers) are terrified of being left behind. When there are no faster moving zombies nearby, these zombies now move at amazing speeds.
  • Areas of effect for the turrets are now shown as an outline as well on the minimap, making it easier read.
  • Shotgun now also supports tactical reload (if you have a bullet of your current ammo in the chamber, you can fit an extra bullet in the gun, bringing the total up to 8)
  • Added coyote time to the player controller.


Small note: This is not THE balancing patch yet. If anything, things are less balanced than ever with the introduction of the new ammo types. So, enjoy the madness while it lasts. The next patch will reign things in a bit.

Bug fixes

  • Players always had to leave a path open that is 2 squares wide. It was however possible to build a maze with a path only 1 square wide, provided there was an alternative path for the zombies that was 2 squares wide. The zombies then would take the closer path, even if that closer path was only 1 square wide. Now, some zombies ignore gaps that are only 1 square wide completely. A gap that is 1 square wide is regarded as “soft closed”, which is also shown on the minimap in gray. (Wait, what minimap? There is one now!) If you want to make sure all zombies take the same route, build your maze 2 square wide.
  • Players were able to aggro zombies and then get to places that are inaccessible by them. This would lead to zombies bugging out, or simply stand as close as they can be to the player (not close enough for attacks, but they can’t get any closer). This is now fixed.
  • If reloading is cancelled by a melee attack, the reload sound is now stopped.
  • Frozen zombies no longer make footstep or other sounds.
  • Removed the top rail from the Cy Ka. It’s not being used at the moment, and it has no business being attached to the dust cover anyway.
  • Fixed some pathing issues in EXIBIT. Mainly the building to the right of the police station has been moved to be more flush with the construction grid.
  • Once the grenade launcher shot an airburst grenade, even regular grenades had their fuse shortened from 2.5s to 0.5s.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t pick up certain cash pickups.
  • Fixed a bug where cash pickups that were spawned upon a zombies death were not affected by the damage of the explosion causing the death. (This fix means less cash for you if you rely on blowing stuff up a lot)
  • Fixed a few pathing issues in DEAD END (e.g. with the tiny cactus).
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Guns that had alternate firing modes (semi automatic, burst fire) no longer have alternate firing modes. The Brrt-A now only has a three round burst, all other guns that had alternate firing modes now shoot fully automatic exclusively.
  • All handguns, SMGs and assault rifles continue to have either Full Metal Jacket or Hollow Point rounds as their primary ammunition. As a reminder:
    • Full Metal Jacket: Deals low damage, but can penetrate objects and hit multiple enemies that are behind each other. Ideal when fighting attackers in a straight line.
    • Hollow Point: Deals high damage, staggers enemies, but doesn’t offer any penetration. Ideal when fighting single attackers or ones that are too close for comfort.
  • All handguns, SMGs and assault rifles now have one of the following ammunitions as their secondary:
    • Cryo: Deals low damage but freezes zombies for a bit. Subsequent hits can increase the duration up to 5 seconds.
    • Lead Round Nose: Deals relatively little damage, but every subsequent hit on the same target increases damage taken. If a zombie is not hit with LRN rounds for a few seconds, the effect fades.
    • Reaper: Highly invasive rounds that deal low to medium damage, stagger enemies, and deal more bonus damage to weakspots (headshots).
    • Vermin: Tiny shot pellets in a handgun or rifle round that shred everything that’s in hugging range to pieces, but won’t hit a barn door at more than a few meters out.
    • Wadcutter: Deals even more damage than Hollow Points and reduces recoil, offers a bit of penetration but no knockback, and deals no extra damage to weakspots.
  • Zombies don’t attack the player anymore if the player is too far away. For example, if the player shoots a zombie from behind a barricade and the zombie would have to walk a long distance around the barricade in order to reach the player, it won’t bother.
  • Turrets that are affected by green goo get immunity for 3 seconds after the goo is destroyed or times out.


  • While in the construction phase, there is now a minimap. The minimap provides a top down view of the level and shows you where you have placed barricades, turrets and traps, as well as the ranges of of your turrets and all the routes that the zombies take.
  • Damage numbers have been overhauled completely. Before, they were informative, but now they are also fun. That’s twice the feature per feature.
    • Instead of floating upwards, they now plop out of the enemies left and right.
    • Text size is based on damage caused. Higher damage -> bigger text.
    • Damage numbers now spawn at the point of impact (for bullets) or slightly above the target (for explosions).
    • Only damage directly from the player results in damage numbers. Healing as well as damage from turrets and traps is no longer displayed.
    • The damage numbers are once again enabled by default. If you don’t like to see them, you can switch them off in the Settings -> Game menu.
  • It is now possible to interrupt (cancel) reloading by throwing an item (grenade, teleporter, etc).
  • The mannequins in HOME now feed the damage done to them into a display that calculates the DPS done. The damage is averaged from the time they first take damage, to the time they last take damage. You can reset the display with a button. This can help you find out how to use each gun and ammunition type in the most effective way.
  • When reloading a gun fed by a box magazine (handguns, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles) while it’s not empty, the maximum ammo is increased by 1 to account for the round in the chamber.
  • The player no longer collides with zombies. Yes, this means you can now run THROUGH zombies. No, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.
  • It is now possible to skip the tutorial. Either by pressing escape and selecting “Go Home”, or by walking through the side exit that says “Skip Tutorial”. You can always revisit the tutorial through the settings (Game).
  • There is now a mailbox outside the barn in HOME to send feedback. It does the same as F1 does.

26.06.2022 #2

Bug fixes

  • A potential cause for zombies getting stuck in EXIBIT has been identified and fix. Let’s hope it was the only one!
  • Picking up nearby cash now works more reliable and the pickup range was slightly extended



  • Reduced GPU load across the board, increasing frame rates by ~25%.
  • Reduced CPU load from explosions (especially at later stages when lots is happening).
  • Generally reduced CPU load.
  • Improved level load times.
  • Added a new settings category “Performance” where you can reduce the overall graphics quality or disable ragdolls.
    • Ragdolls take up a lot of CPU (because physics), so you can either disable them completely or set them so that they’re not affected by explosions. With this setting, if you blow up a zombie, its body parts still fly up in the air, but they’re not affected by any other explosions afterwards.
  • Incendiary impacts (from the shotguns secondary ammo) were massive performance hogs. They’re only pocket sized performance hedgehogs now.

Bug fixes

  • We have received feedback that zombies sometimes get stuck in EXIBIT and a wave therefore can’t be finished.
    • Bad news: We haven’t been able to replicate and fix this issue.
    • Good news: When you send a bug report (press F1) all the zombie locations are now sent to us. So if this happens to you, please press F1 and send a bug report.
  • When looking at a saved loadout, the information displayed was always the default loadout (the actual loading and saving works fine, though). This is now fixed.
  • Some players got stuck in interesting places (the table in the tutorial, the yellow poles in front of the museum in EXIBIT, the green tent in EXIBIT, a fire escape on EXIBIT). These players will now have to look for new places to get stuck in.
    • If you do any exploring on the maps, please do it in the beginning and not after playing for 2 hours on wave 36. But if you do look for places to get stuck and report them, that’s awesome, because then we can fix it and no one else has to get stuck there accidentally.
  • If you get stuck, you can now reset your location in the menu (Game -> Reset Player Location). This plonks you down right on top of your base. If you do this while you’re in a combat phase, you will drop all the cash in your pockets.
  • Zombies were not always able to attack the player when he was slightly above them (e.g. on a barricade or turret but well in reach of their attacks).
  • Fixed input issues with Controller & Keyboard: It was possible to get the UI into a state where nothing was selected and you needed the mouse to navigate.
  • Fixed the issue that Leprechauns would not attack the base or the player and just stood there like a bunch of eejits.
  • When using the secondary mode of the cash attachment (long press) in order to deposit money over distance with the shotgun, each of the 9 shotgun pellets was loaded with all the cash, multiplying your cash (if successfully shot at an ATM) by 9. Now each pellet carries 1/9th of the transferred cash.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • You can now construct wardrobes. Wardrobes allow you to switch over to one of your three predefined loadouts during combat (for a fee, duh).
  • Added a text to the key mappings to point out that existing mappings can be removed by simply pressing that key during the mapping process.
  • The controller sensitivity can now be separately adjusted for horizontal and vertical rotation.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed intermittent issues with Steam integration (high scores).


  • The level map now looks a bit more like a level map.


Bug fixes

  • Changed the hint text “MAP” to “START LEVEL” to make it more clear.
  • Fixed bug that would not save it if you switched hints on after switching them off.


Bug fixes

  • The “select constructable” dialogue displayed a dummy text at the bottom instead of the actual description of the currently selected constructable.


Bug fixes

  • It was no longer possible to upgrade the mortar turret, as a left click switched into the “set target area” mode. Now the mortar turret can be upgraded like any other turret, and you can select the option to set a new target area from the upgrade dialogue.
  • Performance improvements in late game.
  • Fixed calculations regarding the way explosions affect ragdolls. Simply put: blowing stuff up is now more fun.
  • It is no longer possible to damage the base with melee attacks. Reminder: It was never advisable to damage the base with melee attacks in the first place.
  • Music didn’t properly fade out while the player was in a menu when a track change occured.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New setting “Streamer Mode” in the “Audio” section. When active, plays only music that should not be protected by Youtubes Content ID.
  • The constructable object can now be switched with a right click, even when not looking at an empty square.
  • Damage numbers are no longer shown by default. You can reactivate them in the settings menu under “Game”.
  • When buying a constructable, it doesn’t just plop into existence anymore but instead smoothly grows in a playful way. This is more pleasing on the eye, so please, be pleased.


  • Tesla Turrets did not affect large zombies. This was not intended and is now fixed.
  • Cash drops have been slightly reduced across all difficulties.

Keep in mind that in the coming weeks there’s going to be a complete rebalancing patch that will adjust difficulty of the zombies as well as cash drops and constructable/equipment cost. This will also bring a wipe of the scoreboards.


Bug fixes

  • Minor bug and performance fixes.


  • New separate playlist with tracks that are less intense. This music is played in the tutorial, in HOME, and during construction. Remember you can skip music tracks you don’t like (default: PageUp).
  • New key to show information about the current song (default: M).
  • Overhauled construction interface:
    • No more scrolling through all constructables. The secondary construction action (default: Right Mouse Button) now opens a menu that shows all available constructables). They are divided in four categories: automatic traps, manual traps, utility, turrets.
    • Mousewheel up/down is now instead used to rotate rotatable objects (like the cannon, the fan, the nailgun, …). This can be done both before and after they’re bought.
    • When looking at an object, the secondary construction action (Right Mouse Button) is now always used to sell it. It needs to be pressed for half a second to prevent accidental selling.
    • You can exit out of both the old upgrade dialogue and the new select constructable dialogue by pressing your secondary construction action (default: Right Mouse Button).
  • Changed the default key for submitting feedback from F12 to F1, because F12 is used by Steam to take screenshots (d’oh!). Existing players need to manually rebind they key or reset their keyboard bindings.
  • Reduced the brightness/intensity of the Tesla turrets sparks. Seizures caused by this visual effect will now be substantially milder.
  • Changed the VFX for the flamethrower and zombies that are on fire to make it less obstructive and maybe even better looking. But mostly because you couldn’t see anything anymore when a flamethrower was nearby.
  • New players now get a default loadout after completing the tutorial, so they can jump into the action straight away.
  • Some small visual changes to the upgrade dialogue. Less color, more rounded buttons. That sort of thing.
  • New option to automatically send reports for internal crashes. You can activate this in the settings under “Game -> Automatic Crash Reports”. If this option is checked, the game automatically sends a report when there an exception happens somewhere in the games code. The report contains the same data as when you submit feedback manually (screenshot, PC specs). As this sends a screenshot, which depending on your resolution can be a few megabytes, this can slow down your internet, so better not activate this if you’re streaming. Only the first 3 crashes are sent (the counter is reset at level start), so even if something goes completely bananas, your computer doesn’t just send out crash reports by the dozen.
    • Feel free to switch this on if you want to help us identify crashes, but it’s completely optional.


  • Reduced the Tesla Turrets maximum distance to 9 meters (6 squares), because someone had to use them in a way not anticipated by the developer and ruined it for the rest of us. Thanks, someone.
  • Significantly increased Zombie health past wave 25 to prevent “endless” mode to become “endless mode”.
  • Increased the damage for the FMJ ammunition for both snipers by 25%.


Bug fixes

  • Explosive damage did not always affect the green “goo” blobs that incapacitate the players turrets. In fact, “never” is the precise word for it, although “not always” is also technically correct.
  • Fixed bugs in the construction system that made it hard to target existing constructables (like turrets) behind a preview (green/red) constructable. This is hard to explain. Construction should be slightly less clunky now.
  • Enemies hit by explosive bullets (default ammunition for the two sniper rifles) were affected both by knockback (intended) and knockdown (unintended), which kept the proper animation from playing and looked silly. Only knockback is applied now, which looks a lot more serious.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Current threat level (how angry is the tax man) is now displayed in the UI in the form of 5 stars. This will make it easier to understand when and why Combat Drones spawn. This will not make it easier to not get angry at Tax Drones.
  • When interacting with a saved loadout (backpacks), you can now see in detail which items are in the loadout, which ones you’re carrying, and where there are differences.
  • The backpacks with the saved loadouts now have arrows to interact with in order to save or load a loadout. The bin underneath to reset your current loadout now has an “X”.
  • Disabled text tutorial when entering HOME for the first time. There was too much text that didn’t explain things very well. Who reads anymore these days anyway? No one, that’s who. I bet even if you clicked on this link to read this change log, you gave up long before getting to this point. Good for you! There are better ways to spend your time.
  • New neon hints in HOME that mark all areas of interest (like the map, the saved loadouts, etc). The hints can be switched off at the barn door. Some people might say this got out of hand, but I disagree.
  • The option “Enter Main Menu At Start” is now disabled by default. Existing players can disable this by going into the menu (press Escape or visit the menu in the barn) and going into the “Game” category.
  • Changed lights in TUTORIAL to a yellow that’s less yellow than the previous yellow.
  • (Internal) Completely overhauled construction system to work on slanted/rotated surfaces (necessary for future levels that are in the works). This should not affect demo players, but if you build something and it ends up upside down, this would probably be the reason. If that happens, please press F12 and vent your anger, ideally in a descriptive way that helps us fix the specific issue.


  • Reduced lifetime (15s -> 10s) and health (400 -> 300) of the green “goo” blobs that incapacitate the players turrets.
  • A few tweaks to the threat system:
    • Killing a Tax Drone generates 1.1 stars of threat.
    • As soon as the threat level hits 3 stars, Combat Drones start to spawn.
    • As long as the threat level is above 3, a new Combat Drone spawns every 45 seconds. (30 seconds at 4+, 20 seconds at 5).
    • Killing a Combat Drone reduces the threat level slightly (0.5).
    • If the player stops shooting Drones for a while (that includes Combat Drones), the threat level will start to go down on its own, very slowly.
    • At the end of each attack wave, if the threat level is above 2.5, it is reduced to 2.5 and all Combat Drones pull back.
  • Missiles from Combat Drones deal a lot more (collateral) damage to Zombies now. Having said that, if you’re relying on them as a source of damage against Zombies, I commend your creativity in playing this game.


Bug fixes

  • Increased performance in level DEAD END.
  • Minor bug and performance fixes.


  • The cost of upgrades was prohibitively high, which was not intentional. Upgrades become more and more expensive, because if you upgrade both damage and attacks per second, your turret becomes more powerful than if you only improve damage. However, the current system went too far.
    • Old: Each upgrade increases the the cost of the next upgrade.
      For example take the missile launcher with a base upgrade cost of 150$ and a multiplier of 1.5:
      The first damage upgrade cost 150$, the second damage upgrade cost 225$, the third damage upgrade cost 338$. The next upgrade (to its range, for example) would then cost 506$
    • New: Stat upgrade costs are now based on the number of different stats that were upgraded.
      For example (again with the missile launcher): The first upgrade to its damage cost 150$. The second upgrade to its damage still costs 150$. If you also want to upgrade its range, then this upgrade will cost you 225$ and raise the cost. So after buying damage and and range upgrades, these upgrades (damage and range) will now cost you 225$ a piece, and upgrades to a third stat (like explosion range) will cost you 338$.
    • If that doesn’t make any sense to you, here’s the TLDR: Turret upgrade costs are now a lot lower and actually make sense.


Bug fixes

  • When pressing H for a long time to constantly show the key bindings, and afterwards picking up a piece of equipment or a weapon, the icon for that equipment/weapon slot still faded after a few seconds.
  • Clicking on “Credits” left the settings menu in an inconsistent state.
  • Melee attacks are no longer possible during the construction phase. Why would you want to attack anything at that time anyway?

22.04.2022 Steam release (Demo)

The GROSS demo was released on Steam.


Bug fixes

  • ATM turret upgrades to cash processing speed didn’t always apply.
  • Grenade launcher did not damage drone in Tutorial level.


  • Changed cash attachment behaviour for “deposit” (long press) mode:
    • Old: Shooting a bullet with cash results in a pile of cash at the location of impact. If there’s an ATM in range, the ATM can then pick up the cash.
    • New: Shooting a bullet directly at an ATM instantly transfers the money into your bank account. The full amount of cash is transferred, even if the ATM hasn’t been upgraded. Any other impact results in the old behaviour.
  • Change cash deposit grenade (double click of the cash grenade equipment):
    • Old: Throwing a cash deposit grenade results in a pile of cash at the location of impact. If there’s an ATM in range, the ATM can then pick up the cash.
    • New: The cash deposit grenade has a range of 3 meters. If there’s an ATM inside that range, the money is instantly transferred into your bank account. The full amount of cash is transferred, even if the ATM hasn’t been upgraded. Otherwise, the old behaviour happens.
  • Changed speed at which a cash attachment puts cash in a deposit bullet (long press):
    • Old: 25% of the players maximum cash is transferred per second. If the player has loads of cash, that’s taking ages.
    • New: 50% of the players actual cash (at the beginning of the action) is transferred per second. So, if you have 500$ on you, after 1 second 250$ are loaded onto the bullet.


Bug fixes

  • ATM could be activated from up to 20m away. This is not intended, as the ATMs range to pick up cash is a lot shorter. Activation distance has been reduced to 5m.
  • After killing a Zombie while it was frozen, its state wasn’t properly reset. When reusing this Zombie at a later stage, the Zombie might still be frozen at its spawn point.
  • Settings (Escape) UI wasn’t tracking mouse input correctly in all situations.
  • Various small bug fixes. So many bugs. Oh god. Let’s hope no one noticed.


  • Sniper Turrets damage was way too low and has been massively increased.
  • Fat Bertha damage increased.
  • Mortar damage increased.


  • New interactive tutorial for construction and combat.
  • Backpacks now contain default loadouts that provide a good base for different play styles.
  • New shooting targets added to HOME to better practice and demonstrate the effects of different ammunition types.
  • Cash pickup grenade now implodes (sucking in cash) as soon as it hits something.
  • In the construction UI, “number of targets” has been changed to “area damage”. It’s a simple yay or nay information.
  • In the construction UI, stats that don’t apply to a certain constructable (e.g. “Damages cash pickups” for the fan) are not displayed anymore.
  • In the construction UI, traps now show “number of applications”, indicating how many times they can be triggered before they break down completely. (Currently that’s 5x for barbed wire, 2x for bear traps and 1x for everything else).
  • Updated description of tesla turret to point out that damage and slowdown of an electric curtain are averaged between the two tesla turrets involved in building the curtain.


Bug fixes

  • Various small bug fixes.


  • Increased shotguns incendiary rounds burn damage, which wasn’t inline with buckshot damage. As a rule of thumb: Incendiary rounds deal only 50% of the damage of buckshot and have no stopping power, but burn for 10 seconds and can cause 25% more damage than buckshot over the entire duration.


  • Revamped all ingame UI.
    • Interaction (like start wave, construct, rotate, enter settings, …).
    • Construction/Upgrade UI.
    • Pickup loadout items like equipment and weapons.
    • In all cases it is now easier to read, less colorful, easier to understand with more explanations, and in the case of the weapons with vastly more information. Generally speaking it’s more betterer.


Bug fixes

  • Equipping equipment in one slot and then equipping it in a different slot led to situations that were a bit less than optimal (UI didn’t show the proper availability anymore).
  • When unarmed, melee combat and throwing objects (grenades, teleporter) was not possible.
  • Healthbars were not displaying correctly at low health.
  • It was possible to jump and stay on top of Zombies. This is no longer possible. No more Zombie crowd surfing for you, no sir.


  • Zombies now drop more cash in Easy and Normal, the same amount in Hard and less in Ultra difficulty.
  • Joggernauts, Feeders and the-big-green-yoke-that-I-havent-found-a-name-for-yet have had their health points slightly reduced. Smaller zombies as well as the Vanguard are not affected.
  • High Explosive Grenades from the GLA (player held grenade launcher) and High Explosive Rockets from the RPG (player held rocket launcher) now provide instant kills against all kinds of drones, even when fully shielded. Airburst and cluster bombs are unchanged.


  • When exiting the game, your loadout is now saved. After starting the game, your last loadout is applied.
  • There is now a garbage bin by the loadout backpacks that allows you to reset your loadout (back to empty handed).
  • When starting a level, display a warning when no guns are equipped.
  • While you’re in the barn at HOME, your movement speed is capped to a manageable pace. As soon as you step outside, the movement speed based on your gun is applied (which could be very fast if you’re only carrying a handgun).
  • There is now an option to switch aiming between Hold and Toggle.
  • Icons with mouse buttons highlight the intended mouse button in red now, to better show which mouse button is actually bound to the action. I said mouse button a lot now. Mouse button.
  • Flipped the default bindings for looking up and down with a controller. Now “Right Stick Up” looks up, and “Right Stick Down” looks down. In order to experience this change, you need to reset your key bindings.
  • When binding a key/button/stick, all existing bindings for the same “axis” are automatically removed. Examples:
    • An action is bound to “Mouse Wheel Up” and you are binding this action to “Mouse Wheel Down”. The previous binding for “Mouse Wheel Up” is removed.
    • An action is bound to “Left Mouse Button”, and you are binding this action to “Right Mouse Button”. The previous binding for “Left Mouse Button” is removed.
    • An action is bound to “Right Stick Down” and you are binding this action to “Right Stick Up”. The previous binding for “Right Stick Down” is removed.
  • Changed the default Master Volume from 100% to 60%. This will only have an effect on people playing the game for the first time.


Bug fixes

  • Saving highscores was not possible, because the communication with Steam crashed. The game can’t properly connect to Steam, because your Steam account doesn’t own this application (GROSS – demo). This also led to strange behaviour when starting a game (mouse cursor disappearing). This is only an issue because the current Alpha build is not distributed via Steam but goes directly to the testers.
  • The wrong weapon was highlighted in the UI when switching weapons using hotkeys (1-4) instead of next/previous (mouse wheel).
  • Switching weapons or adding attachments to weapons after selecting them using hotkeys (1-4) didn’t work reliably. This problem was based on the same issue as the previous bug.
  • Dying in HOME (which is only possible when using the Stim equipments overdose) led to a level end screen. Now, dying in HOME leads to you coming back to life in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • After returning to HOME, no gun was selected.
  • More minor bugfixes


  • Main Menu: It is now possible to switch from one category (like Audio) to another (like Video) by using the navigation on the left. Before, it was necessary to click “Back” first.
  • Pressing the help key (H) for more than 2 seconds now permanently displays all the key bindings (press H again to fade them).
  • New setting under “Input” for inverting the vertical mouse axis.
  • New setting under “Game” to skip the main menu at start.
  • Cosmetic changes to HOME.


First alpha release for extended circle of testers.