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Q: What kind of game is GROSS?
A: GROSS is a hybrid between a traditional tower defense game and a first person shooter.

Q: Will this be an action packed game where I have to make split second decisions, or a more relaxed one that focuses on strategically building my defenses?
A: Both. Before each enemy wave, you are placed in the construction phase. This phase is designed to be very forgiving for mistakes and allows you as much freedom and time as possible. There is no time limit, and objects constructed in this phase can be removed and sold back for a full refund. Objects constructed in a previous construction phase can be sold back for a partial refund.
When you’re ready, you manually start the next combat phase. Combat is a busy affair, where decisions have to be made in split seconds, and you will often have to decide between an immediate reward (e.g. focusing on fighting off attackers that are about to overrun a key point in your defenses) and long term success (e.g. focusing on gathering more / spending less money).

Q: Wait, money?
A: Yes, money. Pretty much all tower defense games feature one or more currencies that the player receives for killing enemies, which then fuel the construction of walls and towers. In GROSS, money doesn’t just magically appear in your bank account after blowing up a zombie. You have to actively go and gather it. Money can be spent on active abilities right away, cleverly invested to multiply it, or simply saved until the end of the wave to use it for construction.
Be warned though, the player isn’t the only one interested in gathering all that nice juicy cash, and walking around with your pockets full of the stuff might slow you down or even generate unwanted attention.

Q: Will walls, turrets and traps be damaged by enemies and have to be repaired or rebuilt?
A: No. Constructed items have no durability, what you build will be there until you choose to destroy (sell) it.

Q: Can I build towers and walls wherever I want and send enemies through a maze?
A: With a few exceptions, yes. Some limitations are necessary to make sure levels feel different, but we feel that most of the fun in a tower defense game comes from building a maze for the enemies.
Levels are made up of squares that can or can not be built on. As a rule of thumb, if there’s nothing obstructing a square, you can build there. In most cases, you can build whatever you want, in some cases, you might be restricted to traps or walls (without turrets). These limitations are used very scarcely, though.

The only real limitations are that you can’t build in a certain (small) circle around your base, and that the enemies must have a path from all their spawn points to your base.

Q: When will GROSS be released?
A: On 30.09.2022. Please have a look at the release schedule for further details.

Q: I noticed the release date is being pushed back, why?
A: Because we can. The more time we put into this game, the more bang you get for your buck.

Q: Will there be a kickstarter campaign or any other way of crowdfunding?
A: Development for GROSS is fully self funded. This means that there will be no crowdfunding, and currently there are no publishers involved either. We might be working with publishers for the marketing side so the game can reach more people, but the creative control will 100% remain on our side. This is a game made by a gamer, for gamers.

Q: Will GROSS be available for early access?
A: Not if we can avoid it, no. Early access does have its advantages. Many great games would never have seen the light of day without early access. But on the other side, many great games are trapped in a limbo between beta and full release and have been there for years. That’s not an ideal thing to happen, both for the players, who paid the full price without every receiving the final product, and for the developers, who can never put a lid on things. As GROSS is fully funded, we have no intention on releasing it before it’s done. That doesn’t mean that, provided the playerbase is big and enthusiastic enough, we’re not making it even donener after release.

Q: How can I try the game before I buy it?
A: You can play the free demo that’s available on Steam. The demo is currently representing a beta stage of the game, and as the game becomes more and more polished, optimized and balanced, the demo will regularly be updated to reflect this. Think of the demo as an early access version of the game, except it’s free, but also only contains a small number of levels.
There is also Steams very generous refund policy. If you don’t like a game you played for only a couple of hours, you can usually get a full refund.

Q: What platforms will be available?
A: We currently only plan to release GROSS on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

Q: What’s going to be in the game?
A: As ballpark figures, we are aiming at the following:
– 10+ stages (levels)
– 10 player guns
– 10 active player abilities/items
– 20 turrets and traps that can be upgraded during play
– customisable loadouts
– story and endless mode with the ability to customise parameters (like movement speed, jump height, etc.)

Q: Will there be multiplayer?
A: No. As much as we’d love to implement a multiplayer mode, it would simply be too much for the current scope of the game. There are plans for other ways of competing with other players around the globe, though.

Q: What languages will be supported?
A: GROSS will be available in English and German. Support for other languages is not yet certain.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: The final price will be decided closer to the release date, but it is an indie game and will be priced accordingly.