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GROSS – Reviews & gameplay videos


The best way to find out if GROSS is for you is by checking out the Demo. It’s free, it shows you everything you need to know about the game (apart from the story), and it’s here to stay.

The second best way is to watch other people play it. Here are some of them:

SplatterCatGaming“I’m actually kinda like in love with this game, this is actually pretty good.”
Angory Tom“The game seems pretty cool.”
Worth A Buy“Quite a good laugh actually, I quite enjoyed it.”
Dan FieldMy french isn’t good enough for that but I think he liked it a lot.
MrJuicebags“It’s kind of addicting y’all.”
CartoonHeadGeorgePlays“It’s really really fun to play. I can see so much potential.”


In my days we didn’t have videos for everything. We wanted information, we had to read. From tree slices!

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