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GROSS – Dev Log

  • On the first day, there was light. Sound took substantially longer.
    Sound effects are finally implemented, using adaptive audio technology from FMOD.
  • Death & Taxes
    Two things are certain in GROSS: Death and taxes.
  • I’m fine, thanks for axing
    The new zombie types are coming along nicely. Here’s a quick teaser of what’s to come.
  • Don’t tear us apart
    With the addition of ragdolls and gore, killing Zombies has just become a whole lot more satisfying.
  • Something big is coming
    We’re currently working on developing a bunch of different Zombies with different quirks and abilities. This guy here will take a lot of legwork or explosives.
  • A is for Abilities (and Aquipment)
    Three more weeks have passed and we’re ready to give you a quick look at some of the abilities that you’ll be able to use in GROSS.
  • The root of all evil
    Money plays a major role in GROSS. It is both fuel and goal. Please enjoy this short teaser, a full video featuring many of the abilities you can use in GROSS will follow next week.
  • Guns. Lots of guns.
    Every gun in GROSS serves a purpose. Small and quick or heavy and hard hitting? Do you need surgical precision or are you ready to nuke everything (including all the cash in the area)?
  • Traps are yay!
    Have a first glimpse at the way traps will support you in your quest for cash and glory.
  • Sniper Turret, Missile Launcher, Fat Bertha
    Three new turrets joined the fray. Behold their destructive glory.
  • Dead End Gameplay
    The first level that will be featured in the demo has been added. What better stage to introduce the Tesla and the Mortar Turret?
  • Prototyping gameplay
    This is a first look at GROSS. Although it takes a lot of imagination, we hope you can get a rough idea about what direction this game will take.