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GROSS – pre release access for press & content creators

I hope you find all the information you need below. Otherwise, please reach out to me at

Release date11.01.2023 (January 11th, 2023)
EmbargoNone, go to town on it.
GenreTower Defense / First Person Shooter.
PlatformsSteam for Windows
Price$17.99 / £14.99 / €17.49
Story summaryIn a world where greed has been weaponized and turned into a disease, your escape turns into a road trippy quest for the cure.
Gameplay summaryPrimarily a TD game, building a maze and strategically placing turrets is the main priority. During combat you jump into the fray with guns and grenades, maintain your turrets and make sure to secure cash before it evaporates in front of your eyes.
MultiplayerNo, currently single player only.
Developerhangry owl games. Solo developer, IT vet of 25 years, gamer of more than 30.
PublisherHawthorn Games for China, hangry owl games for rest of the world.
StateThe game is feature complete, but will receive more balancing tweaks, bug fixes and performance optimizations before it releases. There will not be an Early Access.
Music CopyrightThe game uses music that might be protected by content ID. You can activate the “Streamer Mode” in the audio settings (Escape button). This should only play music that is not registered for Content ID. If you want to be on the safe side, mute the music volume completely (there are plenty of sounds to fill the silence).
Why should I?There is no other game that takes the full, uncompromised TD experience and combines it with first person action. There are potential pitfalls to such a combination; it’s hard to keep both the players shooting and building feel like it has  a solid impact when each half of the game serves the same purpose (kill stuff).
GROSS addresses these issues. Building is as essential as in any TD game, and during combat the player is constantly forced to make split second decisions to perform the right action in the right place.
This game is fun to play.
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