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The more, the merrier

Please welcome the newest members of our projectile vomiting family.

Let’s start with the runt of the bunch, the NAIL GUN. Isn’t it cute?

The nailgun turret is the most humble of all turrets. It doesn’t pick its own targets, it’s only capable of shooting in a straight line. It doesn’t shoot very far, and it doesn’t hit very hard either. But it costs pocket money, and every little helps. Don’t forget to check it out in the wallpaper section.

At quite the other end of the scale(s) is FAT BERTHA. What a beauty!

BODY POSITIVE BERTHA is a real lady. And like any lady, she commands a lot of attention from you. But if you give her that attention and once you get her going, she is a force to be reckoned with. Anything that is embraced by her bosom will feel it for days. Some say girls like her belong in museums, but a connoisseur knows real class he sees it.

Talking about timeless designs, can we get a HOOAH! for the MORTAR?

At the end of the day, A MORTAR is not much else but a tube, placed on the ground, angled in the direction where you want to make a lot of noise. It’s really nothing complicated. But once you hear the loud FUMP, you better run very fast in the right direction, or you will end up going in a lot of directions at once.