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GROSS Patch Notes – 08.06.2022

Bug fixes

  • It was no longer possible to upgrade the mortar turret, as a left click switched into the “set target area” mode. Now the mortar turret can be upgraded like any other turret, and you can select the option to set a new target area from the upgrade dialogue.
  • Performance improvements in late game.
  • Fixed calculations regarding the way explosions affect ragdolls. Simply put: blowing stuff up is now more fun.
  • It is no longer possible to damage the base with melee attacks. Reminder: It was never advisable to damage the base with melee attacks in the first place.
  • Music didn’t properly fade out while the player was in a menu when a track change occured.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New setting “Streamer Mode” in the “Audio” section. When active, plays only music that should not be protected by Youtubes Content ID.
  • The constructable object can now be switched with a right click, even when not looking at an empty square.
  • Damage numbers are no longer shown by default. You can reactivate them in the settings menu under “Game”.
  • When buying a constructable, it doesn’t just plop into existence anymore but instead smoothly grows in a playful way. This is more pleasing on the eye, so please, be pleased.


  • Tesla Turrets did not affect large zombies. This was not intended and is now fixed.
  • Cash drops have been slightly reduced across all difficulties.

Keep in mind that in the coming weeks there’s going to be a complete rebalancing patch that will adjust difficulty of the zombies as well as cash drops and constructable/equipment cost. This will also bring a wipe of the scoreboards.