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GROSS Patch Notes – 08.06.2022



  • Reduced GPU load across the board, increasing frame rates by ~25%.
  • Reduced CPU load from explosions (especially at later stages when lots is happening).
  • Generally reduced CPU load.
  • Improved level load times.
  • Added a new settings category “Performance” where you can reduce the overall graphics quality or disable ragdolls.
    • Ragdolls take up a lot of CPU (because physics), so you can either disable them completely or set them so that they’re not affected by explosions. With this setting, if you blow up a zombie, its body parts still fly up in the air, but they’re not affected by any other explosions afterwards.
  • Incendiary impacts (from the shotguns secondary ammo) were massive performance hogs. They’re only pocket sized performance hedgehogs now.

Bug fixes

  • We have received feedback that zombies sometimes get stuck in EXIBIT and a wave therefore can’t be finished.
    • Bad news: We haven’t been able to replicate and fix this issue.
    • Good news: When you send a bug report (press F1) all the zombie locations are now sent to us. So if this happens to you, please press F1 and send a bug report.
  • When looking at a saved loadout, the information displayed was always the default loadout (the actual loading and saving works fine, though). This is now fixed.
  • Some players got stuck in interesting places (the table in the tutorial, the yellow poles in front of the museum in EXIBIT, the green tent in EXIBIT, a fire escape on EXIBIT). These players will now have to look for new places to get stuck in.
    • If you do any exploring on the maps, please do it in the beginning and not after playing for 2 hours on wave 36. But if you do look for places to get stuck and report them, that’s awesome, because then we can fix it and no one else has to get stuck there accidentally.
  • If you get stuck, you can now reset your location in the menu (Game -> Reset Player Location). This plonks you down right on top of your base. If you do this while you’re in a combat phase, you will drop all the cash in your pockets.
  • Zombies were not always able to attack the player when he was slightly above them (e.g. on a barricade or turret but well in reach of their attacks).
  • Fixed input issues with Controller & Keyboard: It was possible to get the UI into a state where nothing was selected and you needed the mouse to navigate.
  • Fixed the issue that Leprechauns would not attack the base or the player and just stood there like a bunch of eejits.
  • When using the secondary mode of the cash attachment (long press) in order to deposit money over distance with the shotgun, each of the 9 shotgun pellets was loaded with all the cash, multiplying your cash (if successfully shot at an ATM) by 9. Now each pellet carries 1/9th of the transferred cash.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • You can now construct wardrobes. Wardrobes allow you to switch over to one of your three predefined loadouts during combat (for a fee, duh).
  • Added a text to the key mappings to point out that existing mappings can be removed by simply pressing that key during the mapping process.
  • The controller sensitivity can now be separately adjusted for horizontal and vertical rotation.