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GROSS Patch Notes – 14.12.2022

Bug fixes

  • Performance optimizations.
  • Fan and ATM turrets were not always affected by green gloop anymore.
  • The first one or two sticky grenades thrown in each level did not spawn properly.
  • The players bullets sometimes did not hit zombies that were very close in front of them.


  • New gun attachment: The Deglooper.
    • Like the cash pickup attachment, the Deglooper can be toggled on and off.
    • When switched on, bullets are covered in a soapy gel that rapidly dissolves green gloop that’s disabling your turrets.
    • Every time you hit green gloop with such a bullet, the decay rate of the green gloop is doubled. This effect stacks infinite times. Usually, gloop decays over 30 seconds (or you can shoot it to take seconds off). If you hit it 4x with the Deglooper, it decays 16x as fast.
    • The Deglooper can only be attached to pistols.
    • Pro Tip: The Deglooper is extra effective with the Brrrt-A’s three round burst, or at closest range with the S30’s Vermin ammunition.
  • There is now a small tutorial introducing you to the various areas in HOME. If you’ve played the demo a few times already you’ll still have to suffer through it once, but it should only take a minute.
  • New game credits.
  • Saved loadouts now use new colored icons for guns (like equipment icons). Differences to your current loadout are now highlighted with an orange outline.
  • Reduced size of reticles for all optics.
  • Reduced damage and freeze duration for cryo rounds on the Arrow.
  • Massively reduced usage cost for all equipment except Turret Controller and Smart Rounds attachments.
  • Cash pickup and deposit grenades have a slightly bigger pickup radius now.
  • When starting the game, if you have never explicitly set a language for the game, a language selection appears.
  • Many smaller changes to balancing.