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GROSS Patch Notes – 11.07.2022

Small note: This is not THE balancing patch yet. If anything, things are less balanced than ever with the introduction of the new ammo types. So, enjoy the madness while it lasts. The next patch will reign things in a bit.

Bug fixes

  • Players always had to leave a path open that is 2 squares wide. It was however possible to build a maze with a path only 1 square wide, provided there was an alternative path for the zombies that was 2 squares wide. The zombies then would take the closer path, even if that closer path was only 1 square wide. Now, some zombies ignore gaps that are only 1 square wide completely. A gap that is 1 square wide is regarded as “soft closed”, which is also shown on the minimap in gray. (Wait, what minimap? There is one now!) If you want to make sure all zombies take the same route, build your maze 2 square wide.
  • Players were able to aggro zombies and then get to places that are inaccessible by them. This would lead to zombies bugging out, or simply stand as close as they can be to the player (not close enough for attacks, but they can’t get any closer). This is now fixed.
  • If reloading is cancelled by a melee attack, the reload sound is now stopped.
  • Frozen zombies no longer make footstep or other sounds.
  • Removed the top rail from the Cy Ka. It’s not being used at the moment, and it has no business being attached to the dust cover anyway.
  • Fixed some pathing issues in EXIBIT. Mainly the building to the right of the police station has been moved to be more flush with the construction grid.
  • Once the grenade launcher shot an airburst grenade, even regular grenades had their fuse shortened from 2.5s to 0.5s.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t pick up certain cash pickups.
  • Fixed a bug where cash pickups that were spawned upon a zombies death were not affected by the damage of the explosion causing the death. (This fix means less cash for you if you rely on blowing stuff up a lot)
  • Fixed a few pathing issues in DEAD END (e.g. with the tiny cactus).
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Guns that had alternate firing modes (semi automatic, burst fire) no longer have alternate firing modes. The Brrt-A now only has a three round burst, all other guns that had alternate firing modes now shoot fully automatic exclusively.
  • All handguns, SMGs and assault rifles continue to have either Full Metal Jacket or Hollow Point rounds as their primary ammunition. As a reminder:
    • Full Metal Jacket: Deals low damage, but can penetrate objects and hit multiple enemies that are behind each other. Ideal when fighting attackers in a straight line.
    • Hollow Point: Deals high damage, staggers enemies, but doesn’t offer any penetration. Ideal when fighting single attackers or ones that are too close for comfort.
  • All handguns, SMGs and assault rifles now have one of the following ammunitions as their secondary:
    • Cryo: Deals low damage but freezes zombies for a bit. Subsequent hits can increase the duration up to 5 seconds.
    • Lead Round Nose: Deals relatively little damage, but every subsequent hit on the same target increases damage taken. If a zombie is not hit with LRN rounds for a few seconds, the effect fades.
    • Reaper: Highly invasive rounds that deal low to medium damage, stagger enemies, and deal more bonus damage to weakspots (headshots).
    • Vermin: Tiny shot pellets in a handgun or rifle round that shred everything that’s in hugging range to pieces, but won’t hit a barn door at more than a few meters out.
    • Wadcutter: Deals even more damage than Hollow Points and reduces recoil, offers a bit of penetration but no knockback, and deals no extra damage to weakspots.
  • Zombies don’t attack the player anymore if the player is too far away. For example, if the player shoots a zombie from behind a barricade and the zombie would have to walk a long distance around the barricade in order to reach the player, it won’t bother.
  • Turrets that are affected by green goo get immunity for 3 seconds after the goo is destroyed or times out.


  • While in the construction phase, there is now a minimap. The minimap provides a top down view of the level and shows you where you have placed barricades, turrets and traps, as well as the ranges of of your turrets and all the routes that the zombies take.
  • Damage numbers have been overhauled completely. Before, they were informative, but now they are also fun. That’s twice the feature per feature.
    • Instead of floating upwards, they now plop out of the enemies left and right.
    • Text size is based on damage caused. Higher damage -> bigger text.
    • Damage numbers now spawn at the point of impact (for bullets) or slightly above the target (for explosions).
    • Only damage directly from the player results in damage numbers. Healing as well as damage from turrets and traps is no longer displayed.
    • The damage numbers are once again enabled by default. If you don’t like to see them, you can switch them off in the Settings -> Game menu.
  • It is now possible to interrupt (cancel) reloading by throwing an item (grenade, teleporter, etc).
  • The mannequins in HOME now feed the damage done to them into a display that calculates the DPS done. The damage is averaged from the time they first take damage, to the time they last take damage. You can reset the display with a button. This can help you find out how to use each gun and ammunition type in the most effective way.
  • When reloading a gun fed by a box magazine (handguns, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles) while it’s not empty, the maximum ammo is increased by 1 to account for the round in the chamber.
  • The player no longer collides with zombies. Yes, this means you can now run THROUGH zombies. No, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.
  • It is now possible to skip the tutorial. Either by pressing escape and selecting “Go Home”, or by walking through the side exit that says “Skip Tutorial”. You can always revisit the tutorial through the settings (Game).
  • There is now a mailbox outside the barn in HOME to send feedback. It does the same as F1 does.