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GROSS Patch Notes – 25.07.2022


Bug/performance fixes

  • Fixed several potential locations where zombies could get stuck in EXIBIT.
  • Implemented a catch all fix for stuck zombies: When a zombie gets in a position from where it can’t reach the target anymore, it is teleported to the closest other zombie. If it is the last zombie alive, it gets killed unceremoniously.
  • Fixed a bug where zombies didn’t take any damage at all for a while.
  • Firefighter Zombies hatchets did not collide with player anymore.
  • Firefighter Zombies now miss a lot less with their hatchets.
  • Hatchets from Firefighter Zombies now properly attach to the players face instead of “floating” (which isn’t really the main issue when having a hatchet buried in your face, but some people are particular about this sort of thing).
  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur while pausing the game.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to save or load loadouts.
  • Looking through sniper scopes rendered spheres at the feet of zombies which are not supposed to be seen. (What are they for? Why are they there? You will never know!)
  • Slightly reduced performance impact of ragdolls.
  • Many more small bug fixes.
  • Many more bugs added to give me something to do in the coming weeks. The bugs are well hidden, even I don’t know where they are yet.


  • All weapons had their damage re-evaluated. Notable changes:
    • Most weapons have received a damage buff to make them more inline with the more powerful guns.
    • Reduced the Vampyrs recoil to make it a more viable alternative to the LDHP.50.
    • Increased damage of launchers.
    • Increased FMJ damage.
    • Slightly reduced shotgun damage.
    • Increased handgun damage. Having said that, handguns at the moment mostly serve the purpose of having a dedicated “cash pickup” gun. We might give handgun additional benefits in the future.
  • All turrets had their damage re-evaluated. Notable changes:
    • Nailgun is more powerful (Yay!).
    • Tesla, Missile, Cannon and Flamethrower are a lot less powerful (Boo!).
    • Other turrets are tweaked a little bit.
  • Almost all traps are substantially cheaper.
  • Reduced usage cost of the following equipment abilities:
    • Decoy hologram grenade
    • Sticky grenade
    • Stun grenade
    • Teleporter (teleport)
    • Stim (heal)
    • Tremor boots (double jump)
  • Tremor boots now stun enemies in range for 5 seconds (before: knocked them back for 1.5 seconds).
  • In later phases, some zombies are stronger. You can tell by the color of their eyes:
    • Red: They deal more damage.
    • Blue: They are resistant against electricity. Tesla turrets and holo explosions deal less damage. Teslas don’t slow them. Stuns are less effective.
    • Yellow: They are resistant against fire and explosions and therefore take less damage from Flamethrowers, incendiary bullets and explosions in general.
  • Martyr and Maniac zombies (the two types that blow up) have had their aggro range increased.


  • There is now an automatic save/load system:
    • Your progress while in a game is now automatically saved at the beginning of each construction and combat phase.
    • If you exit the game while you’re in a level, or the game crashes, this state is loaded automatically next time you start the game.
    • When you exit a level by “going home”, the progress is not saved.
    • If you load a game this way, global high scores are no longer submitted.
  • All turrets that deal damage now record their damage dealt. You can see exactly how much damage the dealt in the last wave as well as in total.
  • Very slow moving zombies (Old Folks, Martyrs and Roadworkers) are terrified of being left behind. When there are no faster moving zombies nearby, these zombies now move at amazing speeds.
  • Areas of effect for the turrets are now shown as an outline as well on the minimap, making it easier read.
  • Shotgun now also supports tactical reload (if you have a bullet of your current ammo in the chamber, you can fit an extra bullet in the gun, bringing the total up to 8)
  • Added coyote time to the player controller.