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GROSS Patch Notes – 20.08.2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attackers would be stuck in a loop trying to attack the player, if the player was behind barricades/turrets.
  • Explosive damage did too much damage to cash pickups. This caused cash pickups that were at full health to be immediately destroyed after being hit by a single RPG or GLA round (which was not intended).
  • Zombies sounds (grunts etc.) originated from a position at their feet. Now they originate from their heads. This was not a huge issue because zombies are not very articulate in the first place and also no one but me noticed this.


  • In late stages of the game, Zombies can sometimes turn up wearing helmets. Helmets provide protection against ammunition types that don’t offer penetration (like Hollow Point, Reaper, Vermin) and against bullets from turrets (Sniper, MG, Nailgun).
  • Gloop that’s affecting turrets now decays differently.
    • Old: Gloop has a health pool and a timer. If you remove all its health OR the timer expires, the gloop gets removed. This means that if you damage gloop 90%, it still runs its entire duration and you essentially wasted your time shooting it. You either destroy all its health, or it lives for the entire duration.
    • New: Gloop now only has a health pool, but loses a certain amount of health every second. This means that the more you damage a gloop, the more you shorten its lifetime, even if you don’t destroy it all the way.
  • Just like turrets report their damage done in the last wave and in total, ATMs now report their income in the last wave and in total.
  • Inspecting a gun can now be cancelled by firing, aiming, reloading, melee attacking or throwing something.
  • Migrated from Unity 2020.3 to Unity 2021.3. This shouldn’t change anything for you, unless Unity screwed something up and I didn’t catch it.
  • Implemented the new Chinese and international logos into the game.